JAPLAN – May issue 2015

Popular Resorts of the Southern-end, Northern-end and Deep-inland Japan Okinawa Prefecture located at the southern end of Japan is a tropical resort. Yakushima, near Okinawa, is an island designated as a UNESCO natural world heritage site, and described as “Japan’s lost world.” At the northern end of Japan is Hokaido, where you can enjoy a […]


JAPLAN – April issue 2015

Attractive Tohoku Region Rich in Greenery There are six prefectures in Tohoku region and each has a unique charm. Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture is known as a castle town with an abundance of greenery. Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture is the largest city in Tohoku and its Star Festival is famous. Matsushima, offering one of Japan’s three great […]


JAPLAN – March issue 2015

Hidden Fascinating Spots of Tokyo and North-Kanto In Tokyo there are still off the beaten truck sightseeing spots, which few foreign tourists know of. Okutama, where you can reach only in two hours from the center of Tokyo, is a treasure house of nature. Near this location is Mt. Mitake, where you can have a […]

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